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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week Nine

This week the team finished the light board. They used it to test the durability of the batteries. Doing this will help to find a battery that will last up to an hour in a race. When they tested the first battery it did not do as hoped, and the next was just as bad. So they will have to find new batteries if they have any chance of competing efficiently.

Week Eight

At the start of the week the team took a little break on the car and began making cabinets for the back room in the wood shop for the Power Drive equipment. The cabinets will be interchangeable; they will go from the shop into the trailer. Finishing that up, they then began to mount the rear wheel of the car.

Week Seven

While some were finishing the frame of the car, others were working on the wire board. The team wired two batteries to a fuse, masterswitch, controller, and motor. These will be used to test the batteries and motor. Once the frame is complete they will be able to wire the car.

Week Six

This week the team welded the prototype frame together. They measured, cut, and welded the pieces on together according to the taped outline on the balance board they worked on last week. Making minor adjustments to the frame near the back wheel and the front of the car in order to make it more comfortable for the driver. They then began discussing their break system.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week Five

During this week the team made a balance board for the car, making small adjustments to the frame and taping the frame onto the balance board. Then measuring where all of the parts will go to keep equal balance on the front and back, they began building the prototype frame.

Week Four

While continuing to check the air dinamic of each car, the team sanded and formed the foam cars. They added Bondo to seal the cracks and divits.

Week Three

The Power Drive team has been working on their model cars, and testing their air dinamic in the wind tunnel.